Using the Training Player

The main principle used in the ICATT/IMPACtt Training Player is the fact that effective training requires four major steps: acquisition of information, visualization of this information, practising newly acquired skills and finally testing new knowledge and skills. Based on this concept the key building block of training courses included or produced with ICATT/IMPACtt application is TRAINING UNIT.

Each training unit has four main sections:
  • The READ section of the training includes key steps, further reading and a case recording form.
  • The SEE section contains pictures, videos and sounds for the respective training unit.
  • The PRACTISE section includes clinical practice instructions and exercises to practise what has been learnt.
  • The TEST section offers trainees the opportunity of testing their knowledge by doing exercises. The results will be listed in a chart.

Innovative approach to training
Potentially there are many various ways for use of ICATT/IMPACtt Training Player

Training support
ICATT/IMPACtt is not a “stand alone” training programme. As any other computer-based training programmes ICATT/IMPACtt must be complemented with practical training sessions to develop certain skills necessary for assessing, classifying and treating a child, as well as communication and counselling skills. Clinical sessions with children must therefore be arranged, and counselling the mother must also be practised (e.g. through role-plays). ICATT and IMPACtt are excellent training support tools which can be used for many training approaches, such as:

  • Individual learning using computers in in-service settings
  • Individual learning using computers in pre-service settings
  • Tailored courses for individual groups of health workers
  • Distance learning courses using computers
  • Computer-based facilitation for classroom teaching
  • Internet or satellite-based facilitation
  • Computer-based training using videos, sounds, and pictures
Reference tool
ICATT/IMPACtt contains excellent reference and educational materials that can be updated. Many of these materials are compulsory for an IMCI/IMPAC course, but many can also be used for further reading and provide a technical background for those who are interested in learning more about specific mother and child health topics.

Since the introduction of IMCI, much has been learned through the adaptation and implementation processes in countries. WHO and other institutions have continued to evaluate the evidence base for the technical guidelines of the IMCI strategy. Research results with potential implications for updating the technical guidelines of IMCI are constantly emerging. ICATT facilitates the incorporation of IMCI guideline updates into the Chart Booklet as well as into the learning materials.


ICATT Training Player: video demonstrations in SEE section.

IMPACtt Training Player: Assessment questions in PRACTISE section