Working With the Builder and Manager

ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager has three main working areas:

  • Navigation panel: Click on the tree to select a resource item. The content of the selected resource item will be displayed in the viewer panel to the right.
  • Viewer panel: You can click on the text parts in the viewer panel to activate the content.
  • Editor panel: The active part of the content of a resource item is displayed in the editor panel. It can then be adjusted. If the editor panel remains empty, the resource might be read-only. The size of panels can be altered by moving the panel borders with the mouse.
The ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager is delivered with the generic IMCI or IMPAC materials respectively: Generic IMCI/IMPAC chart booklet, a rich collection of references and audio-visual materials, a generic IMCI/IMPAC training course. All these components (chart booklet, library, and training set) are built using various resources. Each type is available as a subordinate resource depending on the type of the main resource item: chart booklet, library or training set. A user can insert new resources in ICATT/IMPACtt resource tree.

Currently the ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager is available in English. However it allows inserting various resources in practically any language. It also allows producing training materials in all existing languages. It is important to remember that the navigation in ICATT/IMPACtt is language specific. This means that the selected language has an influence on the glossary, filter and search mechanisms.

Creating a chart booklet

 The key document of the IMCI/IMPAC strategy is a set of clinical guidelines, which are summarized in IMCI/IMPAC chart booklet. Using ICATT Builder and Manager you can create its own chart booklet from scratch, if necessary. But it is much easier to start with the generic chart booklet and make changes, than to create everything on your own. The tool allows to produce management flowcharts for management of different diseases, create new drug tables, insert drawings, pictures and graphs.

Working with the library
The ICATT/IMPACtt library comes with a rich collection of key WHO reference documents and publications, as well as videos, flash animations and audio materials, to be used for training.
ICATT/IMPACtt is delivered with a generic “Library” and an empty library called “My Library”, where you can add any local documents, publications and audio-visual materials which you decide to include later in your own training course.

Creating a new training course

Using generic components a custom-made training course can be created with the help of the ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager. The training set for ICATT includes a generic IMCI training course. The generic IMCI training course has three components: introduction; care of young infant aged up to 2 months; and care of child aged 2 months to 5 years. The training set for IMPACtt currently includes an introduction along with the Essential Newborn Care module. Each module may include several parts, and each part consists of one or more training units/sessions. The key building block of the training course is the ICATT training unit.

ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager allows you to modify the content of existing training units, create new components, change the order of various parts and training units. It also allows producing new exercises and guidelines for clinical practice.

Once all the work of modifying or creating of a new training course is completed, you can easily deploy a new training player (closed interface) to be used to train health-care providers in IMCI/IMPAC.

This new IMCI/IMPAC training player will contain all the training materials which have been copied, modified or created during the adaptation work with the ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager. Once created, this new training player can be copied on CD or DVD (depending on the total size of the programme) and be used in several different ways, such as self directed learning, classroom teaching or distance learning.

ICATT Builder and Manager: navigation tree and resources panel

IMPACtt Builder and Manager: viewer panel

ICATT Builder and Manager: editor panel