ICATT/IMPACtt is a Dual-Purpose Software Application for IMCI and IMPAC

The software provides the possibility of adapting the IMCI/IMPAC guidelines, including translation into various languages. From other side, ICATT/IMPACtt-based training courses can be used to fit various training strategies and approaches.

Reflecting the dual purpose of the tool, the application has two main interfaces:

  The Open interface – the ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager
The Open Interface is intended for use by the experts at the global, national and sub-national levels. This interface allows the technical content and language of the guidelines to be revised, library and educational materials to be added, and a tailor-made training course to be created. The interface is user-friendly and does not require special computer skills.

The ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager contains the following components, which are all easily adaptable to local needs and requirements:

  • The Chart booklet builder tool permits easy revision of the chart booklet according to the national or sub-national guidelines.

  • The Library is a rich collection of key technical documents as well as video, audio materials, pictures and flash movies to be used for training. The tool allows other materials to be added and/or modified.

  • The Training set contains the generic training materials (modules and training units) and exercises designed to be used either for teaching purposes or for individual or group learning and skills development. In addition, there is a set of various facilitator guides to help run different training activities: classroom teaching and clinical practice.

A tailor made training course can be created in the tool, based on the generic course and the resource library.

  The Closed interface – the ICATT/IMPACtt Training Player
The Closed Interface contains the training materials which have been modified during the adaptation process in the ICATT/IMPACtt Builder and Manager (open interface). It can be used in many ways, for self-learning, classroom teaching, distance learning, etc.

ICATT Builder and Manager

IMPACtt stand-alone Training Player