Both, ICATT and IMPACtt are generic training tools which can be used as such or be adapted to country specific needs and requirements through the Open Interface, i.e. ICATT and IMPACtt Builder&Manager. The ICATT and IMPACtt Builder&Manager is meant to be used by professionals who are responsible for adapting IMCI or IMPAC guidelines and developing IMCI and IMPAC training courses (e.g. ministries of health, medical and paramedical schools, WHO). Apart from the adaptation of the language as a superordinate characteristic, adaptation is possible for three generic elements of ICATT and IMPACtt. These are:

Chart Booklet (only ICATT): The IMCI Chart Booklets can be revised easily according to national or subnational guidelines. This is a cost-effective method of adaptation as an electronic printable version is being created within the tool.

Library: The Library contains a rich collection of key technical documents and guidelines as well as videos, audio materials, pictures and flash movies used in the generic ICATT and IMPACtt training. The material included in the Library can be modified and expanded with additional material relevant to national IMCI or IMPAC adaptation, including national/local reference documents, country-specific pictures, movies and audio files.

Training Set: The Training Set contains the generic training material (Modules and Sessions/Units) designed to be used for different training approaches. With the help of ICATT and IMPACtt Builder & Manager, the generic Training Set can be adapted or complemented with additional training sessions/units depending on training objectives to create tailor-made training courses. Generic training content material might be replaced by contextualised graphics, images, movies from the own Library and text blocks can be edited to comply with national guidelines or match local practice.

IMPACtt Training Unit: READ, SEE, PRACTICE and TEST sections

ICATT Chart Booklet: Assess and classify box

IMPACtt Library: Rich collection of documents, pictures and videos